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A Ludum Dare 36 Compo Entry

Manage your sword shop! Complete your customers' orders, ranging from copper swords to gold katanas, but don't take too long, or else your customers will leave. Have three customers leave and it's game over! Try to last as long as possible! Ludum Dare 36 page

How to play


  • Arrows: Move Cursor
  • Enter: Select

In Game

  • Arrows: Move Player
  • 'z': Interact

You will receive your orders at the top of the screen. There are three weapons (Sword, Shield, Katana) and each can either be in Copper, Iron, or Gold. To make a weapon, first pick up the correct case at the top of the screen, then bring it back to the correct forge at the bottom of the screen. If it's a sword or a shield, your weapon is done and can be brought to the front of the counter. If it's a katana however, you must then bring it to the anvil and mash 'z' to fold it.

Known Issues

  • The graphics are horrible. I'm no artist
  • The difficulties are a little wonky. Despite which difficulty you choose at one point the game becomes impossible

Install instructions

This game was made in java with LibGDX, so this game requires a JVM. It should be as simple as unpacking the zip file and double clicking on the .jar file. If that doesn't work, then contact me at gregorykarlfournier@gmail.com and I'll try to sort things out for you!


SwordSmith v1.1.zip 93 MB

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