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You've laid your eggs and you're dying to meet your new children. Alas, the Coalition of Frog Haters has teamed up, with one thing on their mind: Destroying your children. How long will you be able to fend off their endless endeavors to destroy your family-to-be?

  • Made in ~24 hours for Frog Jam.
  • Fend off the Coalition of Frog Haters, how long will you survive?
  • 3 Difficulty modes for those seeking a thrill.
  •  Endless Enjoyment/Free Game = Infinite Value™
  • Includes more than 4 bullet points detailing the many features!


  • A,D : Move
  • Left Click : Tongue Attack
  • Spacebar: Jump

Enemies will try to take off with your eggs, stop them before they do! If they get away with too many eggs, it's game over.

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Install instructions

Download single file and double-click. Java runtime is needed to play.


Defend the Children 23 MB

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